RISE Haunted House and Zombie Paintball | Hammond, LA
Hauntcon 2015 travels to Baton Rouge Feb. 6 through the 10th and has arranged two tours that will take attendies to RISE Haunted House and Zombie Paintball. On Feb. 6th RISE will be featured in the Pre-show inspiration tour. This lights-on behind-the-scenes tour will allow convention goers to see the ins and outs our attraction with owners on hand to answer any questions.

RISE will also open its doors for an October style fully staffed haunted event Saturday February 7th. For more information on the both tours and attending the convention please visit Hauntcon's website at Hauntcon.com.


RISE: Dark Souls Unleashed is a walk-through "Dark Attraction" located near Hammond, Louisiana. Our Haunted House features hordes of UNDEAD, an endless terror-filled labyrinth, and countless nerve-wracking spine tingling scares...an unforgettable haunted house experience.

RISE: Operation Deadly Assault arms you with the latest in Zombie destruction weaponry as you travel on our custom designed troop carrier through the Zombie Infested back-woods and swamps of Louisiana extinguishing the hordes of Undead that escaped from the main complex..

Fear reigns in Hammond Haunted House


Louisiana's newest Dark Attraction is just minutes from Downtown Hammond, 45 Minutes from Baton Rouge and 40 minutes from the New Orleans Metro area. Our Haunted House features a 10,000 sq ft abandoned bed & breakfast and secret research lab and an 8,000 sq ft New Orleans style cemetery.

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