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RISE has 3 over-the-top attractions each with its own distinct flavor but all have the acting and detail you'd expect from a top haunt.

Wander through the once abandoned Bed & Breakfast of Henry Risewell, a wealthy entrepreneur, who in a desperate move to save his deceased wife and son, awakened dark souls of the once dead.

  • Hordes of Monsters and Creatures ready to Pounce
  • An endless maze that will have you screaming for the EXIT
  • Scares from every direction and around every corner
  • Sets so immersive you'll forget where you are
  • Bone-chilling audio that drowns out your screams
  • Cemetery packed with countless undead

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Take a twisted stroll through science and research as you and your friends are processed as patients and are immersed into the dark world of alternative medical techniques used by Dr. Rottmeyer

  • Actor driven storyline
  • Scares when you least expect them
  • Become part of the show
  • Characters you will never forget
  • Your personal space will be invaded
  • Are you afraid to be touched?

The Asylum is an interactive experience and visitors could possibly be touched.

Due to the Asylum having a limited number of attendees per night, visitors must schedule the night they plan to attend when purchasing.

Build Photo

The pursuit of eternal life seems far-fetched to most, but to Dr. Ulysses Cavanaugh, death is no longer certain. On the cusp of a breakthrough, the results of merging animal DNA with the dregs of society have the usual consequences when man tries to control the uncontrolable.

  • Experience the thrills with family and friends
  • Great for kids(and adults) too afraid to visit the Haunted House
  • Unique story-driven entertainment
  • Multiple drive-thru sets
  • Dark foreboding woods
  • Intense actor-driven scenes

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