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RISE has 3 over-the-top attractions each with its own distinct flavor but all have the acting and detail you'd expect from a top haunt.

Wander through the once abandoned Bed & Breakfast of Henry Risewell, a wealthy entrepreneur, who in a desperate move to save his deceased wife and son, awakened dark souls of the once dead.

  • Hordes of Monsters and Creatures ready to Pounce
  • An endless maze that will have you screaming for the EXIT
  • Scares from every direction and around every corner
  • Sets so immersive you'll forget where you are
  • Bone-chilling audio that drowns out your screams
  • Cemetery packed with countless undead

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Take a twisted stroll through science and research as you and your friends are processed as patients and are immersed into the dark world of alternative medical techniques used by Dr. Rottmeyer

  • Actor driven storyline
  • Scares when you least expect them
  • Become part of the show
  • Characters you will never forget
  • Your personal space will be invaded
  • Are you afraid to be touched?

The Asylum is an interactive experience and visitors could possibly be touched.

Tickets are limited. If you purchase tickets online you are guaranteed entry for any night.

Build Photo

The pursuit of eternal life seems far-fetched to most, but to Dr. Ulysses Cavanaugh, death is no longer certain. On the cusp of a breakthrough, the results of merging animal DNA with the dregs of society have the usual consequences when man tries to control the uncontrolable.

  • Experience the thrills with family and friends
  • Great for kids(and adults) too afraid to visit the Haunted House
  • Unique story-driven entertainment
  • Multiple drive-thru sets
  • Dark foreboding woods
  • Intense actor-driven scenes

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