Abigail Sickels

Abigail being grabbed from under bed

Regaining her consciousness, nurse Meredith struggles to open her eyes as the effects of the tranquilizer begin to fade. “What? Where am I?” she says to no one in particular.  She can hear the soft music playing in the background and as the steel blade slowly strokes her cheek, she understands what game is being played. “No Benny! Noooo!” echoes through the Asylum as Benny smiles and watches nurse Meredith take a gasping breath.

Since Abigail’s first visit to RISE Haunted House eight years ago, she desperately wanted to audition to be a scare actor.  Because there’s an age requirement on acting roles at RISE, she had to wait until she was 18 to try out. As I was talking with Nevelle, one of the owners at RISE, he told me if he would have known how great an actress Abigail was, he would have allowed her to audition at 16.