Abigail Sickels

Abigail being grabbed from under bed

Regaining her consciousness, nurse Meredith struggles to open her eyes as the effects of the tranquilizer begin to fade. “What? Where am I?” she says to no one in particular.  She can hear the soft music playing in the background and as the steel blade slowly strokes her cheek, she understands what game is being played. “No Benny! Noooo!” echoes through the Asylum as Benny smiles and watches nurse Meredith take a gasping breath.

Since Abigail’s first visit to RISE Haunted House eight years ago, she desperately wanted to audition to be a scare actor.  Because there’s an age requirement on acting roles at RISE, she had to wait until she was 18 to try out. As I was talking with Nevelle, one of the owners at RISE, he told me if he would have known how great an actress Abigail was, he would have allowed her to audition at 16.

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Safe and Fun

We’ve been working these past few months to put a plan together that follows State Required Guidelines and CDC Recommendations that will provide a safe and fun experience for both our guests and our crew members.


1. Only the Haunted House: We will only be opening the Haunted House this year. While our Asylum and Haunted Hayride attractions are wildly popular, we’ve decided to close those two attractions for the 2020 season. The Asylum is a very close and personal, “in you’re face” style of haunt and we feel as though we could not provide the same level of thrill during the era of social distancing. The Hayride is best enjoyed with a large group of visitors traveling through the scenes together and while we could have spaced out guests we feel as though the core of the experience would be lost.

2. Virtual Queue Line: Many haunts and RISE included will be implementing “Virtual Queue Lines” on our busy nights in order to keep the number of guests in line to a manageable size and allow for social distancing. When you arrive on site with your purchased ticket in hand, you will check in with a staff member and may be placed in the “virtual” line. If you are, you will be told an estimated wait time. From there, you can grab some concessions, social distance on site or wait in your car. When it is approximately your time to enter the actual line, you will be sent a text message and email.

3. Online Ticketing: We encourage every guest to take advantage of online ticketing to avoid waiting in line at the ticket booth. We will also have a Fast Pass option to allow guests to skip the virtual and normal queue lines.

4. Masks: As required by state officials, all customers will be required to wear a mask or face shield while in line and in the haunt. Guests who refuse to wear a mask will be asked to leave the premises.

5. Signage: We will have signage located throughout the premises reminding people to social distance and mask wearing requirements.

6. Sanitizing Stations: We will have hand sanitizing stations placed in key locations where guests and crew can easily use them.

7. Entering the Haunt: Guests will enter the haunt with only their immediate group and be reminded to stay at least 6’ away from any groups that they may encounter within the haunt. Groups will be let into the haunt on a timed bases to allow for social distancing. Group sizes will be limited to 6 persons as required by state officials.

8. Cleaning of Surfaces: Staff members will continuously wipe down all handrails, doors, restrooms and any other surfaces guest may come in contact with.

9. Temperature Checks: A staff member will check the temperature of every guest before they are allowed to enter.

10. Self Screening: We encourage anyone with pre-existing conditions or anyone showing flu-like symptoms to stay home and visit us in 2021. Stay Safe!


  • All Staff will be wearing face masks as per the state officials.
  • Staff Screening: All Cast and Crew will have Daily Temperature Checks and will be screened for symptoms and questioned about recent travel before entering the building. Actors who are sick with a fever or cold/flu symptoms etc. will not be allowed to work.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations: Hand pump sanitizing stations will be available throughout the cast areas of the attraction.
  • No Sharing/Exchanging Costumes/Masks: Staff shall not be allowed to change costumes/characters/masks in-show, ensuring less cross-contamination. Nightly cleaning and disinfecting of masks, face shields, goggles, and costumes will be conducted via washing, wiping, and/or use of disinfecting foggers, following CDC cleaning guidelines and sanitation solution/mixture.

Louisiana’s First HAUNTED Hayride!

In their effort to find the elixir of eternal life, scientists push the bounds of genetics and gene manipulation and finally create their most sought-after prize, until things go horribly, horribly wrong…

As we enter our eighth season of haunted entertainment, we’ll be opening our newest dark attraction, a haunted hayride. Our Zombie Paintball attraction has been relocated and replaced with this new adventure. Up to 32 guests will be transported through the backwoods of Tickfaw on tractor-pulled hay wagons. This 25 to 30-minute adventure will feature plenty of scares and a unique story as hordes of beast-like monsters frighten and entertain visitors.

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In an experiment that went terribly wrong or amazingly right, depending on your point of view, the dead have been awakened.

With the loss of his family, Henry Risewell, a wealthy entrepreneur, turned to his long-time friend, Bartholomew Stinger, for help in resurrecting his wife and son. Bartholomew, a fringe scientist in the field of cryonics, assisted Henry in setting up a hidden laboratory where the two men pushed the boundaries of science in an effort to unlock the mysteries of life and death.

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