The RISERS have broken containment.

They’ve made their way to an abandoned town just south of the main complex.

Our mission...Move through the town and take out as many of these Walking Corpses as we can.

They are slow and half blind but make no mistake...
one bite....one scratch....one drop of spittle will do you in.

If you get infected we’ll put you down and leave you  to rot with the rest of the corpses.

So stay focused.

The bright lights on the vehicles will attract the RISERS.

Target the head or the chest.  Remember... these things are dead already...It may take multiple shots to bring’m down.

That being said,  conserve your Ammo.  Only shoot when you have a target in sight.

We have limited Ammunition. If you run out be a spotter for the guy next to you.  If we all run out...God help us.

RISE Haunted House & Zombie Paintball
10342 Hwy 442, Hammond, Louisiana

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