Dark Souls Unleashed: [Haunted House]

In an experiment that went terribly wrong or amazingly right, depending on your point of view, the dead have been awakened.

With the loss of his family, Henry Risewell, a wealthy entrepreneur, turned to his long-time friend, Bartholomew Stinger, for help in resurrecting his wife and son. Bartholomew, a fringe scientist in the field of cryonics, assisted Henry in setting up a hidden laboratory where the two men pushed the boundaries of science in an effort to unlock the mysteries of life and death.

Experimenting on dogs, cats and other cast away animals soon gave way to corpses salvaged from the local cemetery. At first, harvesting bodies from the fresh graves provided ample supply for their experiments, but as they closed in on their goals and the research spiraled deeper into the depth of dark science, the small supply of bodies was not enough. New methods of harvesting had to be found. Hitchhikers and the homeless provided live bodies for experimentation and frequent unexplained accidents provided dead ones. Henry opened his home as a Bed and Breakfast to lure travelers and rogue wanderers to their final resting place. All this in an attempt for Henry to once again hold in his arms his lost wife and son.

Success seemed finally at hand but the awakened souls were nothing more than mindless walking corpses. Experiment after experiment yielded the same results, living bodies with a warped mind and little or no consciousness. It was soon realized the army of awakened dead hungered for the taste of human flesh and in one of the last entries in Risewell’s journal, Bartholomew Stinger was overtaken by a group of escaped zombies…and eaten alive…

It can only be assumed that the rest of the research team and Risewell himself suffered the same fate.


Operation Deadly Assault: [Zombie Paintball]

Mission Briefing
The RISERS have broken containment.
They’ve made their way to an abandoned town just south of the main complex.
Our mission…Move through the town and take out as many of these Walking Corpses as we can.
They are slow and half blind but make no mistake…one bite….one scratch….one drop of spittle will do you in.
If you get infected we’ll put you down and leave you  to rot with the rest of the corpses.
So stay focused.
The bright lights on the vehicles will attract the RISERS.
Target the head or the chest.  Remember… these things are dead already…It may take multiple shots to bring’m down.
That being said,  conserve your Ammo.  Only shoot when you have a target in sight.
We have limited Ammunition. If you run out be a spotter for the guy next to you. If we all run out…God help us.


The Risewell Mental Asylum and Research Facility

Take a twisted stroll through science and research as you and your friends are processed as patients and are submerged into the dark world of alternative medical techniques used to “cure” and more often than not, “create” mental illness. Lead by the megalomaniac physician, Dr. Rottmeyer, the Risewell Mental Asylum and Research Center explores the complexities of the mind and plays hosts to many horrors for its’ patients: Shock therapy, lobotomies, and questionable genetic experiments are just a few of the procedures used to explore the fathoms of the mind. Dare to enter this highly interactive, theatrical experience, though you may not escape with all your sanity.